Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm Still Here

Time is flying by faster than I can keep up with most days. The two jobs are great if overwhelming - I feel like I'm trying to sip from a water hose most days. There are some frustrations of course: the diocese is a very anxious system, I really suck at being an associate (thank you Vicar for helping me name that one), my step-mother-in-law may drive both me and my DH to drink, and the 16 yr old has already totaled his first vehicle. All of this is mostly manageable except when it all occurs in the same week. Last week was one of those weeks, but this week is better so hope reigns.
Next week I have my first ever diocesan clergy conference Monday-Wednesday, meetings Thursday and Friday, rest on Saturday, escort youth to Six Flags on Sunday after church, and then fly out later on Sunday to Manhattan with my two teen boys until late on Wednesday! I'm sooooo looking forward to this trip. The boys have never been there. We'll stay with the 25 yr old in her tiny apt and see two shows. We already have reservations at the World Trade Center site and I will take them all through St Paul's Chapel.
We have a whole family vacay scheduled for Thanksgiving week. I had to book a cruise for us before I get on another boat for BE 5 - otherwise I would have had mutiny on my hands around here. Once I counted, I realized that I took off the grand total of 2 days since my ordination in May. Some time off is sorely needed before the December 10 ordination.
I have begun a family systems class that I believe will be good for me and my self-care. When I showed up for the first class, there were 2 dear friends there besides the one I knew would be there - great blessings. It's nice to have been around long enough to run into colleagues unexpectedly.
I keep meaning to start a new blog but just have not gotten there yet time wise. I tell myself the fable that I will one day be organized enough - however I am really already organized now. So I remind myself of one of the truths I learned in CPE: good enough is good enough.


Sue said...

Oh my goodness! You have been so busy!

It will be good to spend time in New York to catch your breath. I hope 16 year old is okay after the car incident. I'm assuming so, as you did not mention otherwise.

Please take care of yourself dear one, and enjoy your family cruise!

Terri said...

Enjoy NYC, and always a good idea to schedule a quiet retreat before an ordination. I hoped to be there, but turns out we have a Bishop visit to the parish on Dec
11, my first with the Bp in this diocese....and will include I am in town for that weekend. Still, so excited for you.