Monday, May 16, 2011

My 400th post!!

Wow - who knew?!

Working on the Ordination bulletin now - 9 days and counting. I want to hand it over to the church secretary tomorrow if possible. Then I only have the nitty-gritty deatils to attend. I have written DAY OFF on the 26th in huge letters in my calendar and shown it to everyone who will look.

Great diocesan picnic yesterday - acolyte games on a diocesan level were fun!

I have been lurking on a lot of blogs lately - I'm gearing up to start a new one this summer and I'm checking out all the options. Got one you really like the lay-out of? Pros/Cons?

What's up with you?


Terri said...

So excited for you and the upcoming ordination! I will try to come to your priesting ordination, depending on what is going on at this new call. Speaking of new call, it's going well - but the busy-ness factor is definitely ramping up!

Mary Beth said...

Huzzah on the 400th post!

I like blogs that you write on.

Glad you will have the time off on the 26th. Phew. You will need the rest!!

I went to Mardel yesterday and amused myself greatly looking for gifts for a new pastor that were for a woman! HA HA! Take that, Mardel! (They had a number of lovely pink plaques for the Pastor's Wife. I left those there...)

DogBlogger said...

Well, it's happened, Rev! And I can hardly wait for the December one! Sorry I couldn't be there last night.

@Mary Beth -- I hear Mardel can surprise on occasion. Rumor has it that someone here in my new town saw an "I Preach Like a Girl" t-shirt there. Still, they are very old-school, and I swear they have some kind of potpourri in there that just exudes conservatism.